Best Paint Sprayers 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best paint sprayer

Innovative progression has seen with the introduction of various assortments of spray guns available in the market, each one assigned with different task. For example, the High-Volume Low weight paint spray, are more qualified for finishing small-scale and detailed painting projects. On the other hand, if you need to a huge surface or region, an airless sprayer will serve you better.

The developing inclination for paint spray guns is generally because of their usefulness, convenience, and comfort, contrasted with the more conventional strategies like rollers. Their innovation design enables you to finish your task in a protected, bother free, quick and perfect manner.

Tragically, your hunt for the best and most appropriate spray gun would be complicated because of the fact that the market is overflow with a wide range of spray guns from manufactures throughout the globe, all encouraging you exceptional and reliable performance.

Unless you’re a seasoned painter with a profound comprehension of highlights of the sprayers and the elements to consider, you’ll need a little expert help. Fortunately, we’ve assembled this product manual for help you in finding that perfect paint spray gun.

Do you enjoy those splashes of colour and thinking of giving the plain walls of your house that artistic touch? To ease out the job, there are paint sprayers available for you to invest on. Wondering which one is the best for you? For this sake, here is a list of 10 best paint sprayers available for saving you from the tedious and confusing selection process. The descriptions with their pros and cons are listed clearly for you to take a wise decision.

Top Rated Paint Sprayers Comparison Table

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The Best Paint Sprayers In 2020

1. Wagner 0518080 – Powerful Machine With Max Control

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The changeable air pressure and a dual turbine in this sprayer let’s you easily shoot the paint or even lacquers on the walls or any other surface. This feature also enables the person to switch to intricate projects from larger surface areas. Air pressure can be controlled (1.50-2.63 psi) which will prevent the contents from being over sprayed.

The nozzle can be adjusted by turning ears on air cap based on the project, whether you have to go for horizontal, round or vertical motion. Position of the sprayer is fixed towards the surface by the presence of 20ft air hose. Spoilage from dust is not a worry as 2 air filters give a smoother and cleaner finish. 1-quart metal cup, 1 ½ plastic quart cup, contractor grade is also present for larger volumes. To switch between materials is easy with Lock-n-Go feature.


1. Any kind of material can be sprayed.1. Power cord is short in length.
2. Lightweight.2. Larger areas take time to cover.
3. Pattern or motion can be chosen, from horizontal, round or vertical.3. Noise can be irritating.
4. Switching between materials is also easy.4. Paint sprayed per minute is less.
5. Easy to operate.

2. VONHAUS PAINT GUN – Best For Outdoor And Home Use 

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With a steady flow, this sprayer comes with a 6.5A motor, with output of 35 oz fluid, meaning paint can cover the walls quickly, without having to refill frequently. Diagonal, horizontal or vertical patterns can be attained by rotating the adjuster. Paint output of 60 Din-S viscosities is sprayed. Perfect angle can be attained by setting the hose properly. Flow degree is modifiable. If a thicker or gentler coating is required, the flow degree or volume can be modified accordingly.

VonHaus sprayer can be easily cleaned, even the smaller corners, as the equipment is breakable. Some cleaning accessories are also included with the device. Accurate spray can be achieved by controlling the spray patterns. Safety ensured, the machine switches itself off if the motor turns too hot, which protects the equipment. One thing to be kept in mind is that the paint before spraying should be brought to perfect consistency for a smoother finish.


1. Thicker consistencies of paint up to 60 Din-S can be sprayed.1. The bristles of cleaning brush can be lost.
2. Cleaning accessories are provided.2. The hose is only of 6 ft length.
3. Pattern or motion can be chosen, from horizontal, round or vertical.
4. Switching between spray patterns is also easy.
5. Atomization system based on air is used.

3. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 – Airless Paint Sprayer

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With an excellent build, this sprayer is perfect for precise and efficient painting. You can directly squirt the paint out from the bucket of 1-5 gallons through a flexible suction tube. Piston pump made of steel enables one to spray even thicker paints at a higher pressure. A plus point is that the pressure can be controlled for giving you just the required pressure flow for any surface area. 75 ft paint hose can be supported for extra efficiency in projects.

You can keep spraying even if the nozzle is clogged with the RAC IV Switch Tip. Garden hose can be easily connected with the PowerFlush adapter for a quick clean up. Up to 125 gallons per annum can be used. This optimum priced equipment is just the one to keep your hands on, if precision is your ultimate goal, undoubtedly.


1. A precisely high performance oriented sprayer.1. The equipment is prone to clogging.
2. Can even spray thicker consistency paint.2. The pump is noisy.
3. Pressure can be adjusted.
4. A good reach of 75 ft can be attained.

I highly recommend this tool if you want a professional paint sprayer for multi-purpose. You can also check the video on how to use a paint sprayer properly:

4. Homeright Finish Max C800766l – Budget Friendly & Quality Sprayer

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A budget friendly option for amateurs, Homeright is a paint sprayer working on electricity, supporting 400-watts. Thicker viscosities of paint can be sprayed, with a capacity of container being 27oz. Pattern of paint spray can be adjusted from horizontal, vertical or round motions with flexible air settings. With a favourable and compact design, the Homeright Finish Max can let you spray and squirt the paint for a longer time, without feeling tired. More amount of paint can come up to the surface through a controlled and concentrated flow of air.

Water based contents like milk paint, latex paints, enamels, stains, varnish, primers, polyurethane chalk type paints can be sprayed with this equipment with a clear finish. Diving into the territory of price, this sprayer gives a high quality finish to amateurs, or even DIYers, but it is prone to clogging. With an affordable tool like this, there are some compromises as well. But, it is for you to decide whether or not to lay your hands on a good result yielding sprayer like this. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of it:


1. An economical option yielding good quality results.1. The equipment is prone to clogging.
2. Can even spray thicker consistency paint.2. Quality of finish can be compromised due to over-thinning of some paints.
3. Pressure can be adjusted with flexible settings.
4. Easy to operate.
5. Paint flow can be controlled.

5.  Wagner 0518050 Control Spray – Double Duty Paint Sprayer

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Stepping in the world of Wagner again, this sprayer promises a no-gap finish on objects due to a stable flow of air and paint. The flow can be controlled with trigger to let the user spray ½ inch – 9 inches wide patterns. Dual stage turbines house in this sprayer to keep the flow coming and giving a neat finish. This Wagner’s beauty works on High Volume Low Pressure air technology to easily spray out thin materials like sealers, stains, varnishes, lacquers, urethanes etc.

Air-cap can be adjusted in 3 positions, round, vertical or horizontal to paint with greater efficiency. Assembling is a 5 minute task with clean up also being hassle free. Spray tip technology perfectly gives maximum coverage. Thanks to the Lock-n-Go feature, switching between the materials and cups can be done in the blink of an eye.


1. Lightweight and easy to use.1. Clogging is frequent if thinning of paint or cleaning of equipment is not done properly.
2. Spray pattern (round, vertical or horizontal) choice is in your hands.2. Paint requires thinning.
3. Pressure can be adjusted with flexible settings.
4. Over spray can be avoided with an inbuilt mechanism.
5. Easy to assemble and clean.
6. Safety is ensured with some features.

6. Homeright C800971 – Extra Power Super Finish Sprayer

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If there are versatile paint projects in your kitty and you aim for a professional finish, then, Homeright Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer is just the right one for you. Versatile spray tips are available to practically do a variety of projects. 450-watts of power supported, making it easier for thicker paints to squirt out of the nozzle quickly. Container capacity of 39 oz lets you carry out painting larger surface areas without having to worry about refills.

Brass spray nozzles deliver outstanding performance than their plastic competitors. Two air caps enable one to choose between the horizontal, round or vertical spray patterns. Amount of paint sprayed can be customized from 1”-12” with volume control knob. Compressor is not required. Self-sufficient spray unit is present in the tool. Being compactly designed, the tool is easy to carry around through a wider area.


1. Container capacity is large enough.1. Viscosity cup is absent.
2. Spray pattern (round, vertical or horizontal) choice is in your hands.2. Thicker paint requires thinning.
3. Tips and nozzles can be changed accordingly for a greater finish (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm)3. Ceiling is not suitable to be painted with this tool.
4. Good quality finish is achieved than a brush/roller.
5. Easy to assemble and clean.
6. Oil based paints can also be sprayed.

7. REXBETI – Sprayer Tool For Home Paint

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Want to revamp your interiors? This 500-watt powered Rexbeti Spray Gun Power Painter is definitely the correct choice. Working on High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) technology three patterns of spray can be chosen from, being horizontal, vertical or round. Thin paints and contents can also be sprayed like varnishes, lacquers and stains with 1.88mm brass nozzle. Faster results than roller/brush can be attained. 700ml/min paint can be sprayed.

It is simple to use, just push the trigger and enjoy the colored mist coming out of the nozzle. Connected with a long cord to facilitate wider area coverage without having to unplug and plug repeatedly. Cabinets, dressers, interior corners, furniture, crafts, edges, you can be on the top of the spray game with this tool handy in your house. This is a user-friendly tool, with a controlled flow helping you to save on the colored liquid.


1. Good quality, professional finish is achieved.1. Prone to clogging.
2. Spray pattern (round, vertical or horizontal) choice is in your hands.2. Paint cup is small.
3. Cord is given to facilitate working in smaller spaces.
4. Flow can be adjusted.
5. Large container capacity, preventing refills.
6. 3 sized nozzles can be chosen from.

8. Meditool Advanced Spray Gun – Best For Professional Use

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Amateur or expert? An ideal paint sprayer for the likes, Meditool gives an advanced and smoother finish, irrespective of the material being used or surface being sprayed. Circular, vertical or horizontal pattern can be chosen from the settings by revolving the collar. 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm diameter nozzles are available for varied uses.

Flow of the material can be controlled by a volume regulator for accurate color applications. This device is ergonomically designed with anti-slip feature for a secure grip. Disassembling all parts of this sprayer is an easy task. It is useful for extensive applications with superior efficiency and not as much of thinning.


1. Ergonomically designed for a secure grip.1. Not a very influential HVLP sprayer.
2. Spray pattern (round, vertical or horizontal) choice is in your hands.2. Suitable for smaller projects.
3. Diameter can be chosen from 3 available options.
4. Fairly large container of 900 ml.
5. Can be disassembled so easy to clean.
6. Flow and volume can be regulated.

9. ASTRO 4008 PAINT SPRAYER – Cheapest Option

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With a good functionality, this spray gun can squirt almost everything from top coats to primers, on any kind of surface, being a reasonably priced high quality giver. Smoother magnified coverage is achieved by an 11” fan from a distance of 8”. It has a 3HP compressor/7-12 CFM. It has air valve design with a two-piece construction of gun.

Fan patterns can be adjusted in this sprayer. Anti spill feature is worth naming, allowing the user to hold the gun at any angle without spilling the paint. Gun can be held at any angle with varying fill limits avoiding spilling of paint from the container. Size of the nozzle is 1.8mm and this gun has a dripless cup capacity of 1 quart. The gun is easy to clean with an all-purpose function.


1. Ergonomically designed for a secure grip.1. Trigger control might be an issue.
2. Easy to assemble and operate.2. Faint spray pattern.
3. Reasonably priced tool with great quality.
4. Design is superior in quality.
5. Easy to get the hang of it.

10. Graco Ultra Max 17m367 – Cordless Air Paint Sprayer

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Top rated in terms of design and functionality, this Graco gun is residing on the top spot, boasting its cordless, airless and ergonomic build. Talking about the output, it can spray up to 1 gallon of paint on every charge. Lithium ion battery of Dewalt 20V is compatible.

Spray fan is consistent with no pressure fluctuations. Pressure control feature gives it an even coverage. It is light in weight and takes less time (35 minutes) in charging. This sprayer is built of high strength polymers, carbide and stainless steel, making it durable. Solvent based lacquers and hot liquids can be sprayed.


1. Durable and reliable since made of carbide.1. Cannot support larger projects as capacity is less.
2. Cordless makes it portable, not having to rely on any power source.2. Battery needs charging after every 1 gallon of spraying.
3. Good coverage can be attained.
4. Spray patterns can be changed.
5. Disposable flexliner of 32 oz is available for easy setup.
6. Triax triple pump does not get stuck.
7. Easy to clean and repair.

If you want to learn how to paint ceilings & walls with a paint sprayer then you can check this article here.

Paint Sprayers – Buyer’s Guide 2020

Using a paint sprayer instead of traditional brushes or rollers allows you to exert less effort, save time, and achieve consistent paint coverage. It simplifies repetitive painting tasks and provides a uniform finish. Though, allowing you to cover more surface area in significantly less time and reduces arm fatigue.
Use a paint sprayer to do the same job in a fraction of the time. Find out what you need to know before purchasing one.

What to Look for in a Paint Sprayer?

1. Type of paint spray:

With paint sprayers, it is important to purchase one that suite for the job and the type of paint you will use. Choose from the following:

  • Airless Paint Sprayer: High pressure is applied to pump out the paint. Can be used for exterior surfaces such as lattice, shutter, decks and fences and also for the ceiling and walls for the interior space. Advantage over both other type of spray is that it can handle the thicker paint.
  • Pneumatic Air Sprayer: It utilizes the compressed air which provides the smoothing and finishes touch. However, these types of sprayers are little bit messy and emit more overspray than others.
  • HVLP Sprayer: In this type of model, paint travels slower so that more droplets stick to the surface, creating a smooth finish. These sprayers waste less paint, but they typically cost more than other sprayers.

2. Features:

Paint sprayers aren’t known for having a lot of highlights. In any case, there are a few highlights to look that can make your paint splashing experience substantially more positive! Here are a couple of our top choices:

  • Cleaning: It is important to clean your paint sprayer. If you don’t, it will get clogged up fast. Therefore, there are some sprayers which include the special cleaning feature like a hose port. It allows you to connect your spray system to the garden hose to quickly flush any residual paint out of the tool.
  • Adjustable Pressure: This feature is common for both compressed air sprayer and HVLP paint sprayer. It provides the more flexibility as one can adjust the pattern like horizontal, vertical and circular, thickness and speed.
  • Portability: The size and weight of paint sprayer can dictate how to use it and for how long. Some come with wheels and handles which add to the portability. Wheels and handles are particularly useful with heavier paint sprayers which can weigh as much as 30 lbs. So, it is important to think about whether power, portability or a mix of both is best for you.
  • Horsepower: Horsepower represent that how much power does the sprayer’s motor comprises. Generally, more power means more expense, but it also means more versatility. If you may eventually need to take your sprayer to high places then take a look at the horsepower.

3. Accessories:

Just as key highlights, we ought to likewise consider the various accessories that might possibly accompany your paint sprayer. Such things can increase the value of the spray you purchase.

  • Filters: Clogging is prevented with this accessory named as filter. They may even ensure a longer life for your product which is always a good thing!
  • Tips: You can pick a specific tip depending upon the spray design you need. They can even be useful for taking care of various paints, for example, those that are slight or thick. Consequently, we prescribe that you get an assortment of tips for various kinds of splashing tasks.
  • Extensions: Regardless of whether you’re splash painting high up or low down, an expansion can make things much more comfortable. These come in a wide range of various sizes so you have a lot of choice to handle with different kinds of tasks.
    You can also use the hose for the extension purpose. The length of the hose you use with certain paint sprayers really depends on the job that you’re doing. If you’re covering a large area then you probably want a longer hose.
  • Protective Equipment: In view of fumes and paint, it’s an awesome plan to have the right defensive equipment. This incorporates protective goggles, garments and a face cover. That way you can work easily without issues.

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