Best Cordless Drills 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best cordless drills

Cordless drills can be a saviour when you have to drive or drill those nails or screws in.
While long wires and cords can be very disturbing and may block you from effectively operating, cordless ones have a totally different experience in letting you sail through the task smoothly.

Work in smarter way rather than in harder way with the help of right kind of power tool. One of the most essential and significant things in this tool compartment is the cordless drill. Nowadays, cordless drills have become the top inclination for most people since they are so helpful to utilize, charge rapidly, and remain controlled for a lot of time.

In light of their extraordinary fame and undeniable advantages, different sorts of cordless drills have hit the racks. When purchasing a cordless drill, there are a few interesting points to focus on such as torque, power and speed. A good cordless drill is easy to use and weigh light. It is also essential to inspect the highlights, quality, and component of the instrument before settling on an ultimate conclusion.

Are you ready to find the model that’s suite you the best? Further you don’t need to put some extra efforts to grab the decent cordless drill. We have come up with the best cordless drills reviews and buyer’s guide to make your decision making easier. A good cordless drill will always be your best buddy.

Looking for worthy investments? Well, here we will tell you the 10 best versions you can rely on with this list of 10 best cordless drills.

Top Rated Cordless Drills Comparison Table

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The Best Cordless Drills In 2020


10 Best Cordless Drills


1. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V Max – High performance lightweight tool


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Specializing in providing people with compact and portable household consumer tools, safety has always been their priority. Known for being one of the best in its kinds, this brand has been serving their customers for long. Suiting your requirements, they serve you with DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX. This device has less weight that makes it easy to carry such that user need not to face any hassle. The motor is performance oriented and its application scope is greater with power abilities of 300 unit watts. User can also enjoy tighter grip with its single sleeve ½” ratcheting chuck. For wide number of purposes, it offers high-speed transmission making the job easy. The topmost priority I comfort of user and this is the reason why it has handle that is ergonomically designed


1. Comes with 2 spare Lithium-ion batteries, a compact charger and a fast charging feature with an impressive battery-life.1. No receptacle for bits.
2. Can drill well even in tighter areas due to it being light weighted.2. No remarkable outputs in heavy-duty tasks.
3. A contractor bag is also provided so, no stressing about any parts being lost.
4. Grip is great due to single sleeve ratcheting chuck.
5. The product is quite durable with a good ease of use.

2. Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 – Exceptional tool for professionals

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Wishing to complete a DIY project? This model is the right set for you. With affordable price and a lengthy battery life, this tool can be a worthy investment. This powerful drill is designed for faster drilling a great productivity. For the purpose of preventing the tool from getting damaged, it is feeded with the RedLink PLUS intelligence. The motor is brushless for that the drilling gets speedier with 2000 rpm. More output is delivered by the Red Lithium batteries and that too on a single charge. The lock chuck is of single sleeve ratcheting type. Torque of 1,200 in-lbs is offered by this drill for the purpose of quicker drilling while 18V voltage is supported.


1. Comes with a LED light for low lighted areas.1. Charging accommodates (battery and charger) needs to be purchased separately.
2. Higher speeds for completing any kind of DIYs quickly.2. The battery power is not enough to carry out longer tasks.
3. Its weight is only 3.5 lbs, easy for carrying and usage.
4. This tool is portable as it comes with a clip belt attachment making it easy to carry around.
5. To keep a track of battery power, the drill has a fuel gauge in it.

3. Stalwart 89-Piece Drill Set – All in One Kit

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This fairly light weight cordless drill supporting 18V voltage is reliably durable, being the precise option for working. Due to its size being condensed, the tool can be stored anywhere easily. This tool can be surely added to your collection for an efficient execution of projects. An added advantage being, that it comes with additional drivers and bits giving you various options to choose from, based on your requirements. The option of forward and reverse is available in the device. The chuck is keyless with 3/8” size for added convenience. The tool also includes a grinding and polishing kit and its no-load speed ranges from 0-550 RPM. It can easily work on varied surfaces on account of the torque settings of 16+1.


1. Can easily adjust working on different materials due to a precise torque setting.1. Lithium ion batteries are not used, making the battery life a little less satisfactory.
2. Forward/reverse option also available.2. Drilling role is a little feeble in the knees, but the job can be done with required attention.
3. Comes with many sets of drill bits, screw driver heads, etc.
4. Good option for budget-conscious people.
5. This apparatus comes with a case, which makes it travel-friendly and easy to carry.
6. Chuck is keyless making it a hassle free job to change the bits.

4. Porter-Cable PCC601LB 20V Max – High Performance Compact Tool

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This tool is a brilliant alternative for your toolbox. It has an average of 24 hours battery power. The LED light feature makes the workmanship of this tool friendly for dim-lighted areas. Porter-cable will allow you to achieve your output in a record time and help you do some commendable projects. The speed of this tool is 1500 RPM while different options are available for speed setting so as to serves the tasks such as drilling. Output of up to 283 units watt is produced by the motor. The feature of LED light serves helpful for the user so that he can work in areas that are darker with less light. The tool offers best quality run time and also includes 2 spare batteries. The user can also drill with accurate pressure avoiding the hassle of changing the bits using a key on account of its adjustable ½” keyless chuck.


1. Great battery runtime.1. Not suitable for heavy tasks.
2. Speed is adjustable.2. Longer use can lead to overheating of the tool.
3. Tool is made with safety ensured.3. There can be issues with the chuck at times.
4. Durable, light weight & easy to operate.
5. Speed is smartly controlled.
6. Can work on wood, concrete, metal, walls easily without damaging the surroundings.

5. Bosch DDB181-02 Compact Tough Drill – Best Professional Tool Set

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Home-repair or any craft project can easily be executed with this basic BOSCH DDB181-02. A lightweight, 18V voltage supported drill is a wonderful package for people. Having a weight of 3.0 pounds it is a great option for overhead drilling. For offering high speed drilling, it has the speed of 0-1300 RPM. To offer the user with a comfortable grip, it is designed ergonomically and comes with 18-volt batteries of lithium ion. A speed trigger is housed in the tool for offering precise results so that the motor speed could be controlled. A brake for the motor along with 20+1 clutch setting is there for controlled results. The chuck is of ½” size and is keyless. This tool serves ideal for working in enclosed and tight spaces.


1. Dual speed transmission for preferably adjusting the speed.1. Full charge is a little slow.
2. An extra battery is also provided.2. Heavy-duty tasks cannot be executed with this tool.
3. Strong and reliable performance.3. Price is slightly competitive
4. Easy to operate.
5. Ergonomic design and comfortable grip.
6. A carrying case is also included.

6. Worx Switchdriver 2-In-1 | Precise control tool

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This equipment is one which allows you to perform your projects in record time. This 2-in-1 drill+ screwdriver tool ensures efficiency even in darker areas and help to switch functions in a couple of seconds. This tool is a highly recommendable one. The maximum speed that it offers is 0-1500 rpms/min while the minimum is 0-400 rpm/min. for enabling the user to conveniently work in the darker areas, it comes with the feature of LED light. 20V power input is supported by this device with which it can easily drill in wood and steel.


1. 2-in-1 drill and driver option inbuilt.1. ONLY supports bits of ¼” HEX.
2. Dual chucks are rotating for flipping fastly from drilling to driving function.2. Battery charging takes 3-5 hours of time
3. Dual speed transmission
4. Torque control with 12 varying settings.
5. LED light is activated with a trigger.
6. A carrying case is also included.

7. Hitachi KC18DGL – Well Balanced For Any Application

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This cordless drill has all the necessary speed, torque settings required for any kind of projects undertaken. It has the functionality that is needed for the work to be done. This tool can handle the workload on its shoulders efficiently. There are 22 clutch settings from which the functions can be switched in this tool. With the regular battery, it is possible to generate a torque of 400inch-lbs. The speed is 1500 RPM and it has 460 inch-pounds turning force that allows convenient work. 18V Lithium-ion batteries are present in the tool so that great amounts of power could be produced.


1. Light weight tool with powerful batteries.1. No charge indicator telling the charge level of the battery.
2. Charging only takes up to 40 minutes.2. Made of plastic making it susceptible to damage if dropped.
3. Dual speed settings allow giving a good output.3. Ni-Cad batteries are used which have shorter battery life.
4. This tool has 22 clutch settings to switch functions.
5. Easy to operate and compact design.
6. LED light feature to lighten up the darker surrounding areas while working, to ensure safety.

8. Craftsman CMCK200C2 – Tool with best compatibility

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Any kind of work demands can be fulfilled with this instrument, thanks to its efficiency and powerful batteries. It is a great choice for hobbyists and also professionals. This lightweight tool weighing only 5.5 pounds with batteries gives it a powerful performance. You need not stress about causing damage to the body as it is made with tough materials, making it durable. User can efficiently work in areas that are dim and dark with the help of LED lights present in this tool. The length of drill is 13 inches for great reach. It can work on different surfaces like plastic, metal, wood, walls, etc. with its variable settings. 20 volt batteries of lithium-ion are supported by this tool. The torque of this tool is also exceptional i.e. 221inch/pound.


1. Durable and long-lasting 20V lithium-ion batteries are supported.1. There is no label for size of the bit that can be installed on the chuck.
2. It delivers an exceptional amount of torque.
3. LED light for conveniently working in dim work spaces.
4. Lightweight and compact.
5. Easy to travel with as it comes with a box to store it in.
6. Can support heavy duty tasks as the speed goes up to 1500 rpm.

9. Worx WX178L – Advanced Intelligence Tool

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This drill has pressure-sensitive electronics working on Advanced Intelligence. Coming with a sensitive trigger option which can sense the human behaviour, it gives an excellent performance both in professional and home craft projects. This excellent tool will allow you to drive through any kind of drilling and driving session whether at home or at work. Loosening or tightening the chuck is allowed by BitLock feature so that the bit could be placed securely. The tool is sensitive to pressure offering greater grip on the bit. The drill can sense screw touching the surface with its SafeDrive feature and back off immediately. Pulse Assist feature is there for avoiding damage to bits and screws. This product serves best for the commercial small scale projects.


1. Easy to operate.1. With advanced intelligence housing in this drill, expenses can be a little competitive, but worth spending.
2. Lightweight and compactly designed
3. Advanced intelligence allows striking positively precise results.
4. Ideal for household as well as commercial use.

10. Black & Decker LDX120C – Ideal For Complex Applications

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An entry level tool for DIYers, this is one of the best of its kinds having affordability and high performance, and both aspects blended in one. Its compact and condensed design helps people to work smoothly even in areas being hard to reach. It can drive through any kind of surface like metal, wood, plastic and also varying types of screws. Also, it is easy to store up and use it throughout without causing any damage to the batteries. There are 11 clutch system settings giving additional options to the users to choose from. It supports chargeable 20V batteries of lithium-ion that possess standby time of 18 months. User can enjoy non-slip comfortable grip with its ergonomic design. The work spaces that are darker are illuminated by its LED light feature.


1. Strong yet compactly light-weighed.1. Cannot sustain heavy-duty tasks due to its speed and torque delivery.
2. Durable and long lasting batteries run time.
3. Quick charging of batteries.
4. Comfortable and wise ergonomics used.
5. Handy and easy to operate.

Cordless Drills Buyer’s Guide 2020


Regardless of whether you are learning the basic of maintenance, a good drill is basic equipment for the addition in your toolbox. And, if it’s a cordless model, you can drive screws and drill holes with a similar tool— and not need to stress over finding an outlet close to the work to control the drill. The good news: There are many drills available. The awful news: It’s not clear which drills you ought to consider.

What to Look for Cordless Drill?



Before buying, match the tool to the job. There are different varieties available in the market though it becomes quite difficult to choose the right tool of yourself. So, the solution is buy a drill based on how you will utilize it. It makes no sense to spend $250 for a tool that you will utilize only to hang the frames. Nor is it a good idea to pay $60 for a drill only to have the motor burn out after a few days of heavy work.Look at the scenarios and find which fit you in.



The power of cordless drill is measured in battery voltage. Lesser voltage means less torque-spinning strength to overcome resistance and vice-versa. The range of voltage in different models includes 6.5, 7.2, 9.8, 14.6 and 18V. Though we can see that from the past years, the top-end voltage has increased from 6.5 to 18V. The weigh of the drill varies with the power of the drill.A typical 9.6V drill weighs 4 1/2 lbs., while an 18V model weighs up to 12 lbs.


An adjustable drill is the factor that create difference between the electric drill and cordless drill. The clutch found simply behind the hurl and separates the drive shaft of the drill. It also creates the a clicking sound, when a present degree of resistance reaches. The result is that the motor is still turning, but the screwdriver bit isn’t.
Now the question comes, “Why does a drill requires a clutch?”. It helps you to control the drill once it’s snug. Moreover, it protects the motor when a lot of resistance is met in driving a screw or tightening a bolt. The clutch setting depends on the drill; better drills have at least 20 settings. With so many settings, you can refine the power of the drill. Most clutches also have a drill setting, which allows the motor to drive the bit at full power.


Before the invention of the cordless drill, the handle is found behind the motor just like handle of the gun. but now in the cordless model, you can find the handle equipped with a T-handle. The advantage of this feature is that it allows making better grip thus preventing hand slippage. It also helps to accommodate a battery which provides better overall balance, especially in heavier drills. One more point to add in its advantage is that it allows getting into the tighter spaces because your hand is out of the way in the centre of the drill.


The speed of the drill is mentioned in rpm (rotation per minute). The drills which are least expensive work at the single speed but most of them have fixed speeds: 300 rpm and 800 rpm. A switch attached in drill allows selecting the low or high speed.
For more refined carpentry and repair tasks, choose a drill that has the same two-speed switch and a trigger with variable speed control that lets you vary the speed from 0 rpm to the top of each range. And if you do more hole drilling than screwdriving, look for more speed — 1,000 rpm or higher — at the top end.

Chargers and Battery:

The latest trend in the battery material is the Nickel- metal- hydride (NiMH). They have the advantage being in compact in size and run longer than the nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries. The impact on environment is also better as the nickel cadmium include the cadmium which is highly toxic. All cordless drills come with a battery charger, with recharge times ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. But faster is not necessarily better as quick recharge can damage a battery by generating excessive heat, unless it’s a specially designed unit.

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