My name is John Chestnut. I am a woodworker as well as a blogger. In my college days, I used to earn few bucks by making wordpress websites for clients so that I can buy my favourite power tools. Actually, I am very passionate in making a collection of tools and yes, I also use it ( no need to say. LOL ).

One day, I saw my brother that he was writing review articles on  tech products, as he is very passionate about gadgets. I asked him why have you made this website, only for writing product reviews?

And I really liked his answer. The answer was :-

“ I have used many electronic gadgets in my life, I always replace the old gadget with the latest one. I read almost all the product description before buying. So, I write about the top gadgets which I like and I also put affiliate links within it. I get commission when they buy anything from my link. ”

This is a win-win situation for both readers/buyers & bloggers. Isn’t it?

I instantly decided to write product reviews on all the tools because that’s my interest/hobby.

To be honest, it is not possible to use all the tools available in the world, so for other tools , I take help from my woodworker mates and ask them for feedback of that tool. And for the remaining tools , I do a lot of online research to write about that specific tool.

I hope, you are not much interested in my personal story. LOL. So, I am not gonna make it lengthy by telling my boring stories. At last, I just want to say that –

” I will highhly appreciate if you buy any product from my link. Don’t worry, it will not increase the price. I will just get commission from that product if you buy something. It will motivate me to write more. I have done a lot of hard work to come up with the top 10 tools in each category. So, you can take benefit from it , without roaming here & there. ”

Once again,

Thank you so much for reading  : -)